8 Pack of 30ml, Bacteriostatic Water


Buy more, save more! This Bacteriostatic water 8 pack is perfect for the researcher looking for value.

Our 30ml Bacteriostatic Water is a clear, clean liquid. It has 0.9% benzyl alcohol to stop bacteria from growing. This unique water is made just for research and labs. Don’t use it for anything else, like testing in labs, food, drugs, medical tools, beauty stuff for people or animals, or any business.

Our Bacteriostatic water is made with the highest quality and purity standards. It comes in a sterile, tamper-proof vial that ensures its safety and freshness. 

This Bacteriostatic water 8 pack is perfect for researchers and laboratory workers who want to get more value and convenience from their purchase. With this pack, you can get more Bacteriostatic water for less money and hassle. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of our Bacteriostatic water.

Weight 8 oz


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